​There are currently no events scheduled for the town of New Haven

​*  The PLACE Program: This program provides local residents with a forum for exploring and understanding the natural and cultural history of their town landscape. In  partnership with the University of Vermont the NHCC hopes that this wonderful program can transpire. The NHCC has begun this program, as of January 1st, 2015.  For more information on this program please visit the UVM  Place Site or our own page.

Local Community Events and Current Projects of the NHCC

*   Ancient Roads Program: This program involves finding evidence of every road ever legally created in New Haven, including many that are now impassable and all but unobservable. New Haven will automatically forfeit its rights to these roads that go unused for years.  Vermont requires that they remain public until formally discontinued. New Haven is eager to preserve public access for outdoor pursuits are are currently looking for volunteers to comb through old documents, make lists of whatever roads they find evidence of, plot them on maps and set out to locate them and then preserve them.

*   Trails Program: This new sub-committee, that works in partnership with the New Haven, is in the process of trying to connect the many walking trails, ancient roads, logging and old farm roads i​n New Haven together. We are also working on connecting trails around New Haven with the TAM (Trail around Middlebury).   If you are interested in helping map trails in New Haven, clear trails, know of any trails, or are willing to share your land to be used as a trail...

​please contact us.

​*   Herps Study: Scheduled for the Spring of 2015 this field study program is intended to identify and document Amphibians and Reptiles in New Haven and submit that information  to the state. The Herps subcommittee is currently undertaking the process of learning about the vernal pools and their possible inhabitants and the state protocol for documentation. We need several volunteers for this program who do not mind getting a little wet or dirty.