​Lake Champlain Basin Program -Protecting  Lake Champlain Basin’s water quality, fisheries, wetlands, wildlife, recreation, and cultural resources.

Addison County Regional Planning Commissionactivities, committees, projects, towns, and Regional Plan. The site hosts a library of resources, including maps, studies and reports.

Association of Vermont Conservation Commissions- a place to find your local conservation commission or a place to join

Backyard Wildlife Habitats- make a home for birds, butterflies and nature's other creatures

Backyard Ponds- location, installation, plant inclusion, maintenance and safety

Emerald Ash Borer - an invasive insect that is affecting ash trees in Vermont and the U.S.

Vermont State Agencies  

Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department - conservation  projects for municipalities and land owners

Vermont Land Trust -   The Vermont Land Trust works closely with landowners, families, and municipalities to protect land.


New Haven River Anglers Association - a fly fishing organization but more importantly a model for river and fish conservation

​Keeping Track - field research group tracking animal movements throughout the state and conserving the land they live on

Audubon Vermontconservation of birds, other wildlife and essential habitat.

Lewis Creek Association ​- protecting, maintaining and restoring ecological health in the Lewis Creek Watershed 

Articles of Interest

Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation ​- Home Page - programs, publications, grants & loans,  maps and GIS information

Conservation Groups

The Watershed Center - The Watershed Center was founded in 1995 to promote conservation and stewardship of the land.

​Zebra  Mussels - an invasive mollusk that is effecting the habitat and recreational use of Lake Champlain and other waters

Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation maintains the health, integrity and diversity of important species, natural communities, and ecological processes

The Vermont River Conservancy- Home Page -  land trust who believe that the protection of exceptional shore land is essential to the quality of life in Vermont.

Reptiles - Everything you need to know about reptiles

Amphibians - everything you wanted to know with hundreds of photos

Protecting Water Quality - protecting watersheds with proper backyard fertilizing and care

Composting- composting in your yard - where and how

Vermont Invasives - information on invasive insects, plants and aquatic animals, algae, fungi and pathogens.