Goals      *  Identify natural and cultural resources in the town.  *  Assist the town on natural/cultural resource and quality of life issues. *  Assist in developing and conserving parks, natural areas, farms and farm land. *  Conduct wildlife tracking and sign surveys, and work to protect native animal and plant species. *  Conduct water and air quality monitoring studies. *  Sponsor educational field trips and events with naturalists, the forest products industry, and outdoor sportsmen/women. *  Establish a fund for land conservation projects. *  Work with local businesses, organizations and citizens toward fulfilling these objectives.     
​ *  Cooperate with elected and appointed boards and commissions of the Town, and with the State and Federal Department of Environmental Affairs with regard to natural resources regulations and other regulations imposed by law and shall perform other duties as may be imposed by law.
The New Haven Conservation Commission presently consists of five members appointed by the Board of Selectmen. Its mission is to conserve New Haven’s natural and cultural heritage for present and future generations; raise public awareness of these resources; and provide opportunities for greater involvement by the community. The Conservation Commission’s charge is to protect the wetlands, related water resources and adjoining land areas in New Haven as mandated by the Wetlands Protection Act and other State and Federal Regulations.