Heritage Tree Contest

We announced the winners for 2018 at the Town Office on October 18.  The slide show in the top left corner illustrates the variety of entrants.

We're always interested in learning more about some of the majestic trees in our community.  To submit a tree, click on the e-mail button below (or fill out an entry form at the Town Office) and include the category, species, qualities that make you think it's a winner, and the location. Wel We look forward to hearing about the special trees in your lives and landscapes.

New Haven Conservation Commission

The Winners!

This years Contest is over...see winners below.

The New Haven Conservation Commission is pleased to announce our inaugural town wide 'Heritage' Tree Contest.  This community event  celebrates trees in our landscape; identifies some of the unique, valuable and exceptional trees that beautify our town; and offers neighbors a chance to gather and learn from one another.

This year's categories include -
        Tallest Tree (both overall and for individual species)
        Largest Diameter/Girth (both overall and by species) - note that diameter is measured at 4'6" height - also known as DBH (diameter at breast height)
        Tree With a Story - tell us about how this tree came to be in a  particular location, what it may have 'seen' during its lifetime, or how it has otherwise made an impact on the people and landscape of New Haven